Hi, I am


I'm a Software and Machine Learning Engineer
with over six years of experience working on full-stack web and mobile technologies in companies like Coursera Andela , and more
Recently, I decided to expand my interest in leveraging technology to advance human potential, by pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science (focusing on Artificial Intelligence) at Boston University
In my free time, you can find me Guitaring, Kayaking, or Go-karting .

What I do

No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.

Web Applications

I transform ideas into beautiful and highly functional products with mesmerizing experiences that work across a variety of screen sizes.

Mobile Applications

I specialize in intuitive mobile apps For businesses and individuals alike, I’m passionate about both visual design and solving complex problems.


I strive for two things in design: simplicity and creativity, keeping in mind that art has no boundaries or limitations.

...and more

Music & Guitaring

Music is one of my passions and my guitar is an extension of myself, it is the instrument to the song within.

Public Speaking

Whether about software development, guitaring or anything I find interesting. I give talks whenever and wherever I get the chance to.

Technical Writing

To help developers and non-developers alike see code in newer dimensions, I write technical articles periodically, as much as I can


Inspired by purpose

Everything I do is inspired by purpose, which means I never create for the sake of creating. I only spend resources where I think I can add real value.

Simplicity and Creativity

I keep things simple and try not to hinder the creative process while concentrating on core results. I only release work I'm completely proud of.


No detail is too small. I look at the bigger picture but understand the importance that small details hold — perfection is engrafted beneath my skin.

Success is in the Solutions

My work is specially designed to solve problems efficiently. My success is measured by the success and satisfaction of my clients.


Constantly reinventing myself, I never stop learning. I help people translate ideas from words and visuals into prototypes and applications using knowledge from my learnings. I love doing that.


I take pride in my work and give it extra care and attention. I love using products that demonstrate attention to detail and high levels of craftsmanship. These are the products I want to be building.


Over the past couple of years, I've picked up a few languages and skills; from Java, to C#, to Python, to JavaScript, and most recently Swift. I've learned to use a few of them really well.
C# UWP, .NET core, ASP.NET core
JavaScript Node (Express, Fastify), React, React Native, Vue, Knockout
TypeScript Node (Express, Fastify), Angular, React, Ionic, NativeScript
Python Numpy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Tensorflow
Brands with which I've worked
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